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Kathy Corey

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We Love You Travis 

        Travis Wieglenda Born July 2nd 1990 Passed away Sunday May 27 2007

Travis Paul Wieglenda, loved people and making them smile.  
To all those that love Travis may his spirit always live in your heart. May thoughts of him bring you happiness. Think of the mischievous silly things he did to make you laugh. remember him always.
a very proud Dad holding a very precious Travis.
These were the best of  times, me taking pictures of my two favorite guys. 
We hiked around at Silver Falls Oregon, its one of my favorite peaceful places.
Todd and Travis took a trip over the mountain to eastern Oregon for a visit with Grandma and Grandpa.
 Christmas in Texas 
The last Christmas Texas 2006:                 

Travis and Todd. I remember Travis getting me laughing so hard at times that my belly hurt for days. We used to go play 4 square, a ball game at the park when he was younger. He always had a way of changing the rules with that little smirk on his face, and sure enough he never lost at that game. I remember hiking the trails at Silver Falls and playing with model cars on the living room table. I remember watching Todd's expression and seeing the pride in his smile whenever Travis was around. I remember when he would laugh at our truck and call it "the ghetto truck". I remember when we took him to the races and how Todd was always thinking that they would build a race car together. I remember when all of the sudden I was looking up at Travis, instead of looking down at a little boy.  


I remember when Todd took this picture and I was whining that my hair was flat and I looked like a mess, he said "so what" and I'm glad he did.  Kathy


I remember and always will.

Time keeps slipping away 

Time is not existent

Time is lingering

Time is dejected

Time is eternal

If we only had more


We have found a lot of photo's and memories that other people have posted on the internet. Thank you all for sharing your photo's thoughts of Travis Paul Wieglenda. You would think that life would resume a somewhat normality by now, it has not. Every day, every hour, every minute there is a thought of Travis and the past. I stated in my 2007 page that I wanted to wash away the year and start over. Well you cant, you cant forget the past. You just have to learn to live with it. And hopefully you have the support you need to succeed. Just pick yourself up and do it! 

Time ..................................................

it has been 10 years now and time still does not seem right.