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Kathy Corey

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The links to the left will take you back into the past. The Gallery link will connect you to the SmugMug site where there are thousands of pictures to go thru. I have not updated in a while so this may be a work in progress.

    As my racing buddies know we have taken some time off and the website became a bit stagnant. Well things are slowly changing and we may even make it to the track this year. I sure hope to get there. Todd has done a beautiful job on Black Max. And we need to report back to the machinist Dale after doing a proper breakin.

Black Max is pretty much ready to make a  few mild runs as soon as we get some slicks and front runners. I have some video of the new power plant on you tube  (see above) but no burnouts, sorry guys.

We decided to go with the Hillborne style air scoop, and at some point will have a flat hood with a cutout for the intake and scoop.

The old hood has got to go!

So while saving up for slicks and runners, Todd is fixing the solenoids for the Nos on Old Orange.