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Kathy Corey

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Photos of the collection. 70 Cuda' 70 Barracuda, 73 Cuda' the new addition.

Last days in Texas....I had taken a short break from my job in Oregon. The cars were shipped up here the following week. Below is Max he is the namesake for Black Max the Cuda'

Me giving Black Max a smooch

Todd and the Cuda's

Todd checking things out between rounds.

Ol Orange at a car show & race, sponsored by North Texas Nissan. 

3rd round action from 6/3/06

Ol Orange under the hood.

Inside Ol Orange, comfy and cozy.

Black Max 1973 Cuda' 




Above, a full house with 3 Cuda's in the shop and one in storage at this point.

We have sold the dually :-( it wont be transporting the 'Cuda's anymore.


OK 2006 has started and our first weekend out was very busy. see "2006 page"

Above was our day at the Muscle Car Club Challenge.  It was a massive event with cars from every category. My only complaint was the day went by too quick and there was not enough time to visit with everyone.

Todd has a real problem with slicks, a fresh set of slicks means he can try and make the car disappear
We are working on that. They last longer when the rubber stays attached.

Below my new helmet for 2006. I just love the colors, matches both cars. Problem is I cant wear my glasses with this one.

1970 Barracuda 225 Slant six, after owning this one for a few decades I have sold her. We just could not cut her up to make a race car, and that seams to be where our interest is. I  hope the new owner keeps her stock, but that will be his story. 

Orange Orange no this one is not for sale sorry. This one is a marriage of two Cuda's. I purchased the body in 1984 i think. And then found a totaled AAR Cuda' and made the two into one.  

Below: Still no trace of our stolen truck , the trailer has been recovered.






For many of you that read this site you are aware of our non MOPAR pride and joy that was stolen and there are a few links to the stolen Chevy Luv pages, we are still looking and hope you are too. Please see the links page.

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