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Kathy Corey

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This page is dedicated to our friends and family out there racing Chevy, Pontiac & Olds muscle cars.

I must start this page with my brothers car. Abby the Impala for show and go!

Here are some new photo's of Abby for 2008

Abby, 68 Impala 327 Super Sport Olive Gold 2-door coup with the original black Vinyl roof and 71,000 miles. American Racing Salt Flat rims and Firestone Indy 500 rubber.  I would tell you all the very impressive specs on Abby but since she will be coming out in a magazine I will wait until after it is published.

Below is Don's car; Don is a longtime  friend From Salem Oregon. 

1971 olds cutlass 455 cu in, th 400, 3.42 posi. it is a fun toy. plans include a fresh motor, and a gear vendors overdrive unit


Below Don's prior project was this 1968 RS Camaro. 

Below:  Casey & Stephanie 
From Texas True Ten 5 Another one of Todd's long time friends and the infamous Purple Piston Eater, who is scheduled to be back racing after the repairs from Casey's crash last season. Stephanie did a great job filming Casey's run including the crash,  and then ran the length of the track herself after shutting down the camera. After extensive repairs the Purple Piston Eater will be back....See the links page for video of the wild run at the Motorplex during the filming of Pinks all out. There is also a link to last years crash.

Below Casey's new body work and paint for 2008.