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Time to catch up

11/13/09 Here is a video from the awards banquet this year, wish we could have been there. I have just heard that finals next year are going to be at Mission Raceway in BC. Start getting prepared if you think you will be on the team, get those passports ahead of time. See the Drag Racers Network for upcoming information.


9-23-09 I have added back the links to the photo gallery, forum and video's on You Tube. They were lost along with all of the 2009 updates when the computer lost a hard drive. Next on the table is to get the drag racers network back up and running, my apologies for taking so long on this project. I have reinserted the link to the website but have not made any updates or repaired the forum on that website yet. 

9-3-09 It has been a while since we have posted anything but now get ready for a short story that has taken a long time to unfold. Before the story I would like to thank all of those special people and companies that have helped us finish this story. Casey & Stephanie  for their investigative work, Bill the Texas Trailer Man, My Brother Darren and his extra special wife Jennifer, Detective Roy Murray for finishing the job, The Colony Police Dept. Job well done, Haulmark Trailers, My sister Jojo for helping with the legal terms, Wayne and Pat, Rholetta, for moral support over the years. And all the Drag racers out there who took a second look at that trailer going down the road.

Click here for the story of our Haulmark Race Trailer - Stolen in 2003 - Recovered in 2009. 


Purchase photos from $0.24 and T-shirts with your favorite car starting around $19.00 Photo cropping and lettering available for shirts. fridge magnets, mugs, puzzles and more. Smugmug has an easy to use shopping cart. This year Cuda racing will be purchasing a new camera lens to allow us to get closer to the action.

Woodburn was able to hold the first test and tune day on Saturday 3-21-09. You can check out last years action at Woodburn using the 2008 link to the left.  There is some news that one of our favorite track employees will be leaving. Emil won't be there this year. More news on www.dragracersnetwork.com including his letter to the racers and families.

5-24-09 After recent possible sightings in Texas of our stolen  2003 enclosed Haulmark Race trailer I have posted a bunch of additional photo's to the gallery. Here is a slideshow  Stolen Chevy Luv Race Truck and Haulmark Race Trailer there is additional information on the Stolen Race Car page. It has been a long time since the truck and trailer were stolen, doubt there is anything left of the truck by now it's probably in a thousand pieces. But you never know...

5-23-09 www.nwdragracing.com is back online after the computer crash from last season. They are up to date on this years races and have been taking photo's for Woodburn Dragstrip amongst others. www.woodburndragstrip.com also has a new look for this year and the points are updated weekly. Steve Stuart was the big winner in Pro for the Season Opener, wish we could have been there. 

3-30-09 Sponsor Needed for 2010 Cuda Racing will be taking the 2009 season off, we may make it out to the track a few times in 09 but have decided not to run the points season.

3-22-09 After getting over a bad case of the flu it's time to start working on the websites again. 

The first order of business was to change pricing on the Gallery.

1-24-2009 To start the year we will be helping with a website for Drag Racers to post work, employment opportunities, goods and services. Depending on readership and responses we may create additional page items. drag racers network

We are putting the Chevy Dually up for sale. See the "FOR SALE" page. Please give Todd a call if you are interested 503-729-6755 SOLD