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Kathy Corey

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Welcome to 2008

I have added some photos to the Chevy GM section. Its time for all you racers to start sending me your updates for this year. 

Here are some photos of Black Max, however there are not going to be any photos of the back of the black Cuda' for a while. There is some damage back there that needs repaired. This of course is a bummer because the season is growing closer up here, we don't feel we can have the repairs started until the insurance company decides to settle. 

As you know from reading 2007 we relocated back to Oregon. During that process we hired a transport company to take  the Cuda's from Texas to Oregon. We hired a company with an enclosed trailer to keep the cars safe and secure.  

But Black Max was damaged during transport. We are  frustrated with both the transport company and their insurance company, it is now the middle of February and we are still waiting for a resolution. 

NOTE: the insurance company finally paid for the damage, it was almost a year of frustration but it's finally done.

But there is always Ol Orange, she's always ready to run. Nothing like the old scrapper to save the day..

3-1-08 The Woodburn Dragstrip schedule is available on their website.  And I hear from the guys down in Texas that they have already been running at Denton and local tracks.

3-9-08 It was our first venture out with the car since Travis left us, but he is still with us in spirit and I'm hoping he got a laugh out of today's events. We took Ol Orange and headed to Woodburn Dragstrip. Todd made a mild run, we checked things over, adjusted the tire pressure and then went back for another test. Unfortunately that was the last run for the day. He juiced it and ran in the 10's, our safety gear was not up to par (cage, harness, helmet and all) and the track rightfully shut us down for the day. No runs for Kathy, snarl growl sneer...Running quarter mile however we are again in need of a change, he was out of gear and on the limiter somewhere around the 1000 ft mark. Time slip below, Right lane.

 Our neighbors Porsche 904, its very sleek very rare and very fast. 

4/1/08 Were in trouble now, here is a quick message from Wayne "Old Timer" he's shaving his time down on the 1/8th mile. 

"Oldtimer is up and running. This weekend first pass 7.06, second 6.97, third 6.96 won chevy r/l, fourth 6.96on 6.97 dial camero ran dead on 6.501. I think I might have .01 in carb jet and tire pressure. Black cuda may be in trouble."

4/17/08 Last weekend was very nice, the weather cooperated and we went to the first points race at Woodburn Dragstrip. I made it thru 3 rounds and got put out in the 4th round by .055. Right now the points show me in 5th place, look quick that may change this coming weekend. www.woodburndragstrip.com  The weather report for this weekend is not looking soo good. It has rain and snow showers in the forecast, So I guess we will see what happens. I have received some new photos of the now finished, Purple Piston Eater. Those are posted now on the Chevy GM page.

4/20/08 This weekends races at Woodburn have been canceled due to the cold weather and approaching SNOW!, its April, and were getting the big chill. However we have heard from friends down in Texas, its been in the 80's and there is a full weekend of events at the Motorplex. We will update the website if there is any interesting news from Texas. In other news, we have found our new chassis shop and will be sending "Black Max" down there this summer. We are talking beautiful welds, awesome design, show quality work and I'm not going to divulge the shop name until we are worked in to the schedule. Still need to find that special someone that can get the body work done on both cars. There is not much to do on Black Max other than repair the damage caused by the transport company (that story is not over yet) and fashion a new hood. But Ol Orange needs the works. 

4/27/08 What a change in weather, it was a beautiful weekend. The races were on, and we were there. Ol Orange did great and was very consistent. The driver on the other hand did not get it handled. Went out in the first round by .0061, so now I am showing 12th in the points standings.  Be sure to check out Woodburn's website for all the latest news. Check out the Chevy GM page for some new photos for 2008.

5/4/08 Woodburn Dragstrip was the place to be this weekend. Ol Orange was ready, had a couple test runs and then dialed in for the "Bogie round" Dialed 12.00 and ran 12.011 add that to a reaction time of .020 which gave me a package time of .031 and put me in to second place, think I was bumped down a couple more notches, but it was a good run. Of course the bogie or bonus round only pays out for a win. First round of eliminations we dialed a 11.99 which would have been fine for the car, but the foot dialed in a spastic -.068 light so the "RED LIGHT" wins again. If I would not have been up against Moby Grape maybe I would not have tried cutting the light that close, who knows. all I could say was "Grape balls of fire" as he flew by me at the traps. Maybe I need to write a reaction time on my shoe! will have some pictures to post when NWdragracing.com gets them posted. I did get a chance to take some photo's myself after getting put out. As soon as I have time to create a gallery page I will get them posted, took 145 snaps of the event.

5/11/08 Can we have a "do over" please? Photo above was Todd getting ready to make a run, while I was out of commission with a swollen jaw from a dentist appointment. He did his burn out, pulled up to the line, cut a good light, blew the snot out of the rear end, and that's pretty much it for the day. Thanks to the Fetters for helping us get her back to the trailer and the rest of the guys that helped push her up onto it. The track was way sticky, there were casualties all morning long. and some awesome launches, wheel stands and times. We ordered up some parts and they should arrive Thursday, thanks to Randy's for the quick shipping. This weekend is season opener in Woodburn Oregon. In other news Casey "Purple Piston Eater" down in Texas blew out the other end. Photo below, he had a bit of a flame out at launch.

5/18/08 Todd had the rear end back together and ready for him to make some test runs Saturday. It worked out just fine, that gave us a day to get her back in shape before Sundays VP Fuels Championship Points Race. Sunday of course I had to have a bit of resetting done to the shift lights, after the ratio change. It wasn't a perfect day but at least we climbed up a few notches in the points standings. After 3 bad weekends we had dropped from 5th to 28th in points. We have started to climb back up and are currently 23rd. www.nwdragracing.com has photos up from the last few weekends. Including the jets, nitro dragsters, floppers etc... Oh check out the Cuda's racing page, Ricky Jackson has sent some new photos of both his Cuda's, awesome mean and nasty...

5/28/08 Rain out......

6/1/08 It was a bit chilly out there today, but since we don't have a weather station, I could not tell you just how cool. Speaking of weather stations, that will be our next purchase. Todd has been taking loads of pictures, I have been uploading them to the gallery on Smugmug, or see the link above. One round win today did not do a lot for points, kept us pretty much where we were.  Next weekend is Fire and Thunder, if you race you know what that means. The big boys are coming out to play.

6/8/08 The weatherman was wrong about the forecast today, and I could not be happier about that. It was sunny warm and slightly breezy.  Cut some fair lights today with a .032, .090 & .061 The car ran very consistent, but once again I was put out. Today it was by .0376 seconds. Yes if I would have had the first light on that last run we would have still been in the game. But that's not the way it works.

7/6/08 Hey I missed a few weeks of posting so it's time to catch up. Went a couple rounds on 6/15 and got put out second round on the 29th. Don't ask me about 7/6/08 it was not pretty. We did purchase a weather station and have been entering rounds in it. Could be a good thing once there is enough information for it to create a good prediction. Todd cut off the turn downs because of the dust they were blowing around when we were parking out by the trailer. Just cutting the turn downs off slowed us down by .20. Could not believe that short amount of pipe could make that much difference. Guess we need just a touch of backpressure there.  He will be getting those reattached this week. I spliced together some video and posted it on youtube. lets see if this link will work. click here for video .  There is a real battle at the top of the points, these guys look pretty much untouchable. check out the Woodburn points standings. Of course the season is winding down for the rest of us battling it out to make the ET finals that will take place in Boise Idaho late August . I am continuing to post photos to the gallery, if you want yours added just let Todd or I know.

7/20/08 Black Max finally made the maiden voyage down the track at Woodburn during the Mopar Nationals. We had decided to take a few swap meet parts and the black 73 'Cuda. It was the first of the shake down runs for the car. We needed to make some mild runs to see what our starting point was with this car. The first run Todd made was just a freeway speed cruise down the track to check the drive train, suspension, brakes and get the feel for the car. The second run was a bit faster running  11.24  @ 119.61 and the third was 11.117 @ 121.44. The car really wanted to take off at the top end, but we need to do a lot of checking before its time to cut her lose. With the test runs completed and Todd working on his check list we were able to visit with some friends, take some photos, met some great people and sold some parts. I have downloaded the photos to the computer and will upload them to the gallery later this week. what a beautiful day....

8/3/08 What a week ! Was not sure if we would make the races for Sunday after Todd had a run in with the ignition on Black Max. I don't even know where to start with that story, but it was not a good thing. He was going to adjust the timing and the instant he touched the wrench to the dist adjusting bolt he got the jolt of his life. Not only that, it latched onto him and would not let go.  So for an undetermined amount of time he was latched firmly to the coil, where somehow his other arm ended up. It apparently caused his muscles to cramp all at the same time throwing him inward where at some point his face made contact with the car, busting a tooth splitting both lips and smacking his head into some yet unknown part of the car. He ended up in a face off with the coil, literally inches from his eyes. That was on Thursday, Friday he was feeling pretty sore as every muscle in his body had just curled a 3600 pound car.  Saturday I was trying to talk him out of going to the races on Sunday. But Todd being the stubborn person that he is would hear no such thing. So we went and loaded up. 

     On Sunday knowing that it was the second to the last points race I knew it was either go a few rounds or never mind that trip to the finals. I just cant say enough about over thinking things here.  My lights really sucked, and drastic measures needed to be tried. Gary Fetters gave me a little advice there after my first round win, which I only won because Hilton red lit. I tried those new tactics on that second round and even though my light was closer to that .0 it was on the wrong side of it and the run went red, so I gave a gift back, the car did great and once again it was the foot that lost the race. But thanks to Gary I may have something to work with. I am really anxious to see what happened with points , as we were put out in the second round. We did not stick around to take any photos after our last run, so there wont be anything new posted in the gallery this week.

More later time to get to work.....

8/6/08 The points are posted and after a not so good day we are sitting in the same spot at 23rd in the points chase. I am looking at the people that are above us and  those below in points and I'm seeing a whole lot of premium quality racers. So where does that leave us? right in the middle of the hornets nest!!! It's looking like this may not be the year, but we still have one race to get it done. It would require at least 3 round wins just to get to the 18 spot and that would be if none of those 5 people above us were able to get one win. So hoping for a small miracle here on the 16th. On a side note http://www.nwdragracing.com/ is back online and they have updated and added some photo galleries. That's all for now.

8/9/08 A friend Casey down in Texas let us know that my brother Darren's car Abby is now in the October issue of Chevy High Performance. Cant wait to get a copy. Darren Jennifer and Emme's 68 Impala Abby is pictured on our  "Chevy GM" page.


8/16/08 Prepare for a 100 degree day.... Bring plenty of drinks..... don't forget the sun block.... check the tires...fill the air tank...and hit the road.. don't be late because this is the last day of points! It's time. There was a meeting after the final race, to name all of the Woodburn Dragstrip Team members that would be heading to the Division 6 ET finals at Firebird Raceway in Boise Idaho. And....




The Points Season is over, finals are done, it was a great time & loads of fun. I have around 1000 photos to go thru and load onto smug mug. I have started uploading with Thursdays test and tune. so check it out on the gallery page, and come back soon to view Friday thru Sundays events.

9/20/08 If you were wondering about who from Woodburn made it to the top in finals it was Steve Kelly, in the Pro class that won the race of the Champions in his Camaro on Saturday, running a 10.677@ 121.80. In Sportsman Derrick Jackson, in the Dodge  Vuck (van/truck), on Sunday  running 13.482 @  96.37

I loaded hundreds of photos on smug mug but did not crop any of them because it would take soo long. So if you see a photo you would like but it needs some cropping just let me know and i will trim it down.

Tomorrow 9/21/08 could be a good day to head to Woodburn, its the RPM Chassis National Dragster Challenge for Woodburn racers from 08 in Super/Pro, Pro, Sportsman & Motorcycle.  Class winners will be fighting for a Wally.  And it's the  King of the Track for  the four 2008 Track Champions. See ya there. We will be bringing Black Max out to play "Weather Permitting" of course.

11/16/08 Just checked DragRaceCentral and Derrick Jackson has made it thru round 1 of eliminations in sportsman. Steve Kelly has won first round of Pro. Stay tuned for more. 3:36pm

4:15pm update, Derrick unfortunately is done for the season with the bad end of a double break out. Steve Kelly is still in the mix after round 2.