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The first Texas Muscle Car Club Challenge is this weekend Sunday March 11th at Texas Raceway, Kennedale.

3/7/07 Welcome to the 2007 season. The new slicks are here, the Caltracs are on, and the track opens this Friday for test and tune. Winter is over "finally" and the time has come to dust off the car and trailer and head to the track.  I have been getting some information from a few of you but need some photos to post along with those upgrades ,and some info to post with the photos that i have received from others.

3/8/07 OK hold everything, just got a newsletter Denton Dragway will not be open this Friday but will open Friday the 16th. I guess that means that our test and tune will be at the TMCCC.

3/17/07 Denton Dragway is now Northstar Dragway under new management, and was open Friday for test and tune. The tree and timing functions were not available but I have faith that they will get that taken care of soon. The track looks great and everything was clean. It was like a night out at pinks with the arm drop starts. I have added a forum to the site so if you have comments or want to post some information feel free to do so, but keep it clean. 

3/18/07 Went out to Denton's Northstar Dragway last night, it was packed for a test and tune evening. There were cars from TTT5, bracket racers, car club racers, freshly reworked projects, drag bikes, muscle cars and street cars, blown, injected, and nos cars. Most of us that were there from the night before knew that there may be no time slips but that did not seam to stop anyone. I have not had that much fun in a while, racing the old fashioned way, with the arm drop . Friday night I was having major problems just trying to launch straight, car wanted to hook to the right. Todd did a little adjusting on the CalTracs and Saturday it was great, actually started to feel real comfortable again. That is until I had a massive leg cramp off the starting line, man it felt like my foot was going to punch thru the floorboard. Problem was, it was my left leg so that did not help any, and there is nothing you can do but get to the other end of the track ASAP. By the time I got back to the trailer my leg was stiff as a rock, talk about pain, oh yea!! that's what I get for pushing our lawnmower thru our sponge bob yard all morning. Todd used up a bottle of juice out there and its nice to have the fuel house open, staffed, and ready to fill your bottle up. Next week on the 25th, the Texas Muscle Car Club Challenge will be at Texas Motorplex http://www.texasmotorplex.com/ Just a note on track conditions now at Northstar, it felt nice and sticky and the top end was clean. The crews there are removing cars that break at the tree very quickly using wheel dollies, smart thinking.  

3/22/07 new link to Northstar Dragway

3/25/07 Todd made it to the track, unfortunately I am tied to some paperwork for a while. 'Cuda's best run of the evening was a 6.92. The track was good and the timing system up and running. The "Old Timer" made it out, and from what I hear there were plenty of race cars checking it out. Sorry to have missed the action. 

3/31/07 You had to see it to believe it! Northstar was crammed beyond capacity. Which was rather surprising after the massive amount of rain we had on Friday. They are going to have to expand parking areas, there were a lot of cars parked out in the soft muddy fields. And the pit side was full to the end.  the new Zamboni was working hard to keep the track clean. I think the water from the prior nights rain was trying to come up thru the track surface. I will have some photos later. The best run for "Ol Orange" last night was 6.89. Even with the huge crowd, there were some people missing from the regular crowd. Check out the King of the Hill site for results, they should be posted soon. The Flame throwing, wheel standing, PT cruiser was a kick to watch. From what i hear he will be out there next weekend also.  


Photos from Northstar Dragway 3/31/07 

Kyle doing some test and tune waiting for the season that hopefully will start soon.

Billy Martone was there with the baddest 'Cuda  this side of that side. Unfortunately he had a suspension problem that took him out for the evening.  The good thing is it failed at the near end of the track after a burn out, it could have been really bad at the far end had he made that run.

And of course we were there and cut a little bit off our 1/8th mile time. 

Below was some additional entertainment for the evening, along with a live band.


The photo's do not do this car justice, Its a beautiful car .

4/13/07 It was pretty obvious with the forecast there was not going to be any racing around here today. Hold on to your hats, batten down the hatches and stay dry. 

4/14/07 News flash! Purple Piston Eater is going to run at Northstar tonight! 

I have created a page for those friends and family that show and race Non Mopars. See the new link Chevy GM 

4/29/07 The schedule for Northstar Dragway now has 2 months of events on it. I was out of town this weekend but Todd did make it to the track for a few runs. I have added a page that will update drag racing news from the Drag List website. 

5/19/07 Decisions, decisions it was tough this weekend to pick which night we wanted to go to the track. Outlaw top sportsman and www.texastrueten5.com on Saturday or try for the index races on Sunday. We chose to go Saturday to check out the double header. My film is still getting processed but there should be some choice pictures of the event. I am sure with the photographers that were there from  the true ten 5  and Outlaw sites they will have some nice shots posted soon.  Somebody needs to tell me how Sunday went... who won the index races? I have some video that I will post to you tube of The Purple Piston Eater and Old Timer and of course Old Orange including a ride along video

6/10/07 Ttwo weeks ago on Sunday 5/27/07 Todd's son Travis passed away. He was the front seat passenger in a car driven by his girlfriend, that had a head on collision at lake Ray Roberts.  Travis was loved by so many people,  it was overwhelming to see all of his family and friends. His life was short but he lived it to the fullest every minute he had. Time has stopped,  who knows what the future holds. Tell your family, your children and your friends that you love them and make each day count. I have created a page in memory of Travis with a few photos and memories.   

8/11/07 Northstar Dragway will host the Southern Mini Nats, MOPAR Drag race and Show today at 4:00 pm. It was to be the début of Black Max. However even with Todd's tremendous dedication to getting the car done in time, Black Max will not make the event, there are a few small items that still need attention.

11/4/07 We will have several items on the for sale page going to auction in the following weeks from car parts, 'Cuda parts to household items. I also wanted to note that after Ricky Jackson's terrible fire that pretty much destroyed his 'Cuda he will be rebuilding and as in need of a 70 'Cuda grill.

12/01/07 Cuda Racing has now relocated back to Oregon. We will miss all of our Texas friends but it's good to be home. We are looking forward to a new future with some old friends and family.

12/17/07 Wishing you all Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. 

May this coming year wash away 2007, put it in the archives and start over....

It was beautiful in the mountains this weekend.  The photo above was near Detroit OR.

This was about the top of the Santiam Pass