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3/4/06 Looks like there will be no racing around here this weekend, the local track was vandalized and is shut down for this weekend. No test and tune and no King of the Hill. Hope it's back up and running next weekend.

3/9/06 The local track remains closed still due to the vandalism that took place a couple weeks ago. This would have been the beginning of the points season.  I am hoping that we will get a test & tune in before any points runs, but at this point I am just hoping the track will be able to open back up. Its hard to believe someone would do a thing like that. I just don't understand. 

3/9/06 here is a long distance salute to my brother and the troops, its so cool that you guys are looking at my web page from half way around the world.

Todd is working on ideas for the new car, I can see the wheels are turning inside that head of his. Of course that's only because he cracked it open on a jack stand while under the car this weekend. Ouch!
This is sure to be an exciting year, we just have to figure out how to coordinate all the new projects. ok there is 168 hours in a week which means Todd will be working 45 hours on his day job, 20 hours on Cuda' #1, 20 hours on Cuda' #2 and at least 15 hours on Cuda' #3 that's 100 hours a week. we will allow 7 hours for sleep that's 149. 1 hour for dinner we are up to 156 and that gives him about 1.7 hours a day for everything else. Yep that will work.

3/12/06 After a long drive, about 16 hours in the truck.  We have finally taken possession of the new addition.  I would like to extend a Thank you  to Dan, send us some clips of your car when you get that big block strapped in there.  And of course thanks to Darren and Jennifer for checking out the car for us.    

3/18/06 I have added a link to Denton Dragway unfortunately the track is still out of commission due to some wiring problems still a result of the vandalism. I guess I don't mind the rain this weekend if it gets over with before next weekend. 

3/29/06 Wow! what a weekend. it was go go go! Friday night was test and tune at Denton Dragway (Jack we are so glad your open again)  Todd was running consistent and running about .01 faster each run. Todd ran points Saturday. It was looking good, his time trials gave a good starting point. But you know the first round came along and so did that red light...After not hitting it once during about 14 runs we found out it really does work. After getting knocked out of racing for the night he ran some more test runs.  Cow Town Mopar club was going to the Muscle Car Challenge at Texas Motorplex so we decided to get up bright and early Sunday and head that way. What a great group of people. We got situated and Todd made a couple test runs. and as usual the car was to get just a smidge faster on the second run. He dialed in and off he went. A bit gun shy from the night before the reaction time bit him. He only ran .02 off the dial in but lost on a bit of red light phobia.  It was a nice weekend and we had a blast although my face is now totally sunburned. I have some video to go thru so it will probably be a while before I upload it. Hey any of you guys/gals that ran at the Muscle Car Club Challenge feel free to send me some photo's to insert, along with some commentary. 

3/31/06 Test and tune night. it was so humid out we lost about .25 average on the practice runs. I don't know if there could have been anymore water in the air without rain.

4/1/06 Looking at the sky we were thinking that we may need to bolt a hood on right quick. We borrowed the one from the 73, installed the hinges and made a quick fit. got to the track a bit late but still had time to run a few test runs before points started. The car was running a bit slower than normal, again it was very humid. Todd wanted to make one more run before the races so I hopped in and we headed for the staging lanes, but no, it was not to be. from inside the car as he made a turn,  you could hear and feel a very loud metallic snap as the car jolted and hopped. watching the  wheels from  outside it looked as though the left axle would just stop and then jolt forward. The noise was worse than having a tooth pulled,,, it hurt. We did not even make one round of eliminations. It seamed to be a rough night for a lot of people that we know,  blown head gasket's, tranny's (couple of them). But that's just the way it goes. 

4/9/06 I have posted some of the photo's of the purple Barracuda on the for sale page. There are several so that  page may take a while to load. 

No racing for us this weekend.  still broke 

4/15/06 Congratulations to Greg B. for winning his first heat race at Boyd Raceway. 




4/23/06 Greg I am waiting for you to send me those new photos. 

4-/26/06 Great news finally, we have the new spool and gears. With the change from 391's to 486's it will be interesting to see what that does for the top end of the track. 

Oh soo happy!

4/29/06 Pro Mod's to run at Denton Dragway tonight  4/29/06 gates open at 6:00 pm weather permitting of course! 

5/7/06 Still waiting on some parts, we will hope to be back to the track next weekend. We better be ready because that's the TX Muscle Car Club Challenge  May 13th 

5/13/06 Its the morning of the TX  Muscle Car Club Challenge, i think we are ready. Gates open at 9:00 am at Denton and there is a points race after the challenge so its going to be a long day. What will happen? There's only one way to find out... more to follow.  

5/14/06 We did make it to the challenge, a little on the late side, ran a couple very mild runs to try and break in the new gears. And the first round of King Muscle.  Not being satisfied with the heat produced by the new set up we went home where Todd pulled the carrier assembly to re-inspect, adjust a few things and get ready for next weekend. We did not even stick around to see how everybody did. But as crispy as our faces got from the hot sun that is probably a good thing. I did take a few photos of the event and a little bit of video. 


5/26/06 test and tune day.

6/2/06 How time flies. We spent a week working on the Plum Crazy Barracuda getting her ready to sell, i must have taken over 200 photos. I will start posting them on the "for sale" page and plan to start the auction on Sunday evening. So my apologies to those of you who have been waiting for your photos an information to get posted. 

King of the Hill and Texas True Ten 5 are running at the Texas Motorplex this weekend, that will prove to be an awesome show. There is a points race at Denton tomorrow (Saturday 6/3) And i must congratulate Greg for winning his first feature race last weekend.

6/3/06 Man was it hot out there today... That being said we had a pretty good night. After making a couple runs we decided on a dial in, but then it started to cool down a bit. We lowered the dial in by .02 and I guess that was not enough, broke out by .01. Of course with the nice weather and the car running pretty consistent we bought back in. Not a terribly bad decision as the next two runs were wins. The first elimination was against one of the track's consistent winners so it was tremendous to take that win. The second run was against a rail and they seam to always run right on the dial in, but I guess it was our turn and we were right on the dial in for 3 runs. The track was mixing the Electronic and No/E class for the next round, we lost to a bike, and ran .0023 off the dial in. Have not heard how the King of the hill and Texas True Ten 5 guys that went to the Motorplex did yet. I will try and get some photos posted early next week.

6/20/06 I'm sure that the website has seen a lot of views over the past couple weeks and i have been too busy to update it, but now "The auction is over and my baby is sold". Sad though it may be, life must go on.  So now we are just going to have to dive into the Blue 73 and figure out just what we want to do. This one may take a while there are soo many options at this point. So the time has come to create a plan of attack.  We have not been to the races for a few weeks and it feels like forever, that will have to change, the old 440 needs to blow out the cobwebs.........OK so the cobwebs are on hold for a while, i will be sure to post a note when we are able to take care of that situation. 

7/9/06 Texas King of the Hill ran at Denton dragway Saturday. It was a spectacular show with Matt Jones taking the win running a stellar 4.65 @157mph the whole evening was great, what a show!!! Congratulations to you on a job well done.

7/11/06 Here is more exciting news  from the Vassar crew, Congratulations guys!!! (see the Cuda's Racing page for more info and photos )  

--------------Here is a press release for you from this weekend-------------
17 yr old rookie Colton Vassar driving dads 70 Cuda worked his way thru a
very tough field to the finals at the dragraceresults.com Longhorn Natls
Sat. Although the first big money victory was put on hold by bracket
superstar and former world champion Jeff Hefler who also won Fri & Sun.
Colton says he'll be at the Motorplex in August for the next DRR race (I'm
not so sure about that) Colton also made to the quarter finals on Sun. Older
brother Dustin also had a solid weekend making it to quarter finals Sat &
semi finals Sun in his 70 Duster.

7/11/06 Ricky Jackson is having some fun this summer as well. Placing 3ed  in a 9" class @ Red Line Raceway --------

"Hey Kathy how u been we got 3rd Saturday night in the 9inch class at Red Line my best time was a 5.77 @124 got beat in the semis my light sucked got beat I ran a 5.80 to his 5.99 treed me real good oh well next time ill be up for it and yes Sam can put the scoop on for you is it fiberglass? "

7/17/06 George this ones for you. Thanks for everything and don't forget to keep in touch.  We still need to get together and watch your race videos...

I want everyone to think about our service men and women over in the middle east this weekend, while we are in 100-104 degree heat they are roughing in in 108-114 degree heat without having a nice air conditioned home to go to after work, or swimming pools to relax in. So think of them.

7/30/06 Here we go again. Thought I was done selling my Cuda's If you look at the for sale page you will now see that the Blue 73 is up for sale. This would not happen in a perfect world, in that world I would be able to have all of them and have a shop the size of a superdome. ok so you can't have your cake and eat it too.  Next week i should have some additional exciting news, stay tuned. 

8/10/06 the auction is over and the Blue 'Cuda is sold.  Now once again we need to plan for next years season. Do we run one car or both of them? Do we stick with the tunnel ram and dual Holley's? Do we put a blower on the orange one? So many questions, so little time... There is a points race tomorrow but we will probably miss this one too. We have pretty much wasted this season, so we will have to be more prepared for next year. 

9/15/06 We finally went out for a test and tune evening at Denton Dragway last night. Wow! there is a whole new crew there. Only one familiar face working the track, did not even see Jack out there. I was still curious about points and have e-mailed the track  trying to figure out what happened with the points that disappeared and the ones that were never entered, not that we would have had many points. I tried one last attempt at getting an e-mail response but don't think that is doing any good. I am hoping that next year everything will get cleared up and the track operations will  be more organized.  None the less it was good for ol Orange to get the cobwebs out, and there were a couple regulars out there to say howdy to. Saturday is a points race but its doubtful if Todd will want to spend the money going without any confirmation on our previous points standing. 

9/16/06 Black Max is now officially ours. and I am now "Aunty Kathy" yes that's right "Aunty Kathy" to a brand new baby girl. And every one of the family members is now back in the states, this is all tremendously good news.  


Oh forgot to mention we went to watch a few friends run during the filming of Pinks at the Texas Motorplex it was interesting to say the least. I am trying to get a video clip from Casey " Purple Piston Eater" Who normally runs for www.texastrueten5.com he had a couple rather twisted runs.   Had a large lack of traction problem after changing engines out, what a ride. you may try this link. Click on the photo below. or try this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2NAfdjQzV8

Video Description  Casey's 69 Camaro using the all the track at Texas Motorplex 9-2-06

10/7/06 Saturday "KING OF THE HILL" at Denton Dragway tonight. What does this mean? Well excitement for starters! If you like the sight, sound and drama that comes with massive horsepower trying to hook up on an 1/8th mile track. It also means a sticky track for the rest of us gotta luv it.  

10/8/06 King of the Hill from last night was a mix of interesting phenomena.  Matt Jones must have had a spasm & had a red light the likes of which I have never seen. And the mighty Mopar "70 'Cuda" of Billy Martone had so much power it would not hook, you could just hear the blip blip of the throttle all the way down the track. When they get that way to nasty machine to hook up you better look out because that's going to a force to be reckoned with, and hope I'm there to see it. Rick Thornton was hooking up great & won the night with a 4.61 pass. There are photos on the king of the hill site use the forum link. The track was fairly sticky and with the weather cooling down we did shave a bit off our recent ET's. Bad news is my Camcorder/Camera went dead after 30 seconds of taping and 1 photo, see below Billy Martone's 'Cuda. 

Time to start looking for something that works. So i purchased this one "below" from David off the King of the Hill website.

10/14/06 Denton dragway closed due to weather, and yep it started raining around 8:30 or so. but it was a good day to pull out "Black Max" the new addition and clean him up. 

In upcoming news the DFWstangs & North Texas Nissan are getting ready to have the 2nd annual Car Show & Free Racing. Check it out on the Denton Dragway link scheduled for Sunday 10/22/06 at 10: am at North Texas Nissan for the show and the race to start at Denton Dragway at 2:00 pm.


borrowed this photo from one of the guys at dfwstangs website, did not have a functioning camera at the time of the show..

11/12/06 I had a preconception of the show and race day, it did not work out quite the way I proposed it would. One of my brothers Darren and his wife Jennifer and baby Emme were driving up all the way from Little Rock bringing their Impala "Abby".  (shown below at a couple Little Rock car shows)

They were staying at a nice B&B and we all had a nice dinner the evening before and got a little visiting in & I got to hold little Emme. On the day of the show & race it was soo cold that Jennifer & BabyEmme' pretty much had to sit the day out in the pickup (sorry). When we arrived at the track after the show Darren had already ran a couple test runs and was just coming back from another when we unloaded the orange 'Cuda.

 I was chatting with Jack the track owner about wanting to line up with Darren and "Abby" the  Impala. This was going to be great, dad has wanted a photo of us lined up for a long time this would have been the perfect Christmas gift for him, and I have been looking forward to running my brother for ages. I went up to make a run myself as it has been a while, pretty obvious from my light. Think the blue hood is a distraction, but that's ok I figured a couple runs and it should work out OK. Anyway, pulled back around and  found that my bro was having problems another possible valve spring issue.  So off they went to pick up the trailer. While waiting for their return Todd decided it was his turn, well of course it was, I knew his buddy Casey and Stephanie were not out there just to visit, especially since Casey did not have the Purple Piston Eater fixed from his wipe out a couple weeks ago (see link below)  . Todd had his own agenda for the day, and I knew he was going to juice her, his late night activities in the shop were pretty obvious. Of course the hiss of a purge was confirmation. Well he did and old Orange held up to it. But with the NOS she ran out of gear real quick so now its time to change the gears again.  Yep now its official "Todd is a bottle baby"

Link to Casey's crash  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M3nuuoAQsg 


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